Glossary of Terms

As you read through the history, articles and NFA studies there will be words/terms that you may not be familiar with, we have attempted to assist you in understanding what you are reading.

Listed below are several of the terms we feel are most important in helping you through the FLA/CRHL information.

Carpus: wrist or pastern joint

Radius and ulna: lower long bones of the forelimb Humerus: upper long bone of the forelimb

Condyle: large articular surface

Semilunar notch of the ulna (also called the trochlear notch): the area of articulation of the ulna with the humerus Luxated: completely displaced from normal articulation

Anterior: toward the head

Posterior: toward the rear

Caudal: toward the tail

Proximal: toward the origin or the body

Distal: away from the origin or body

Lateral: away from the midline, the side

Medial: toward the midline

Sex-linked trait: a gene located on the X chromosome

Medial: toward the midline

P value: the probability that a result was obtained by chance

affected FLA puppy