NCA Position Statements

The Newfoundland Club of America encourages health testing and release of all health testing results.


Breeding Stock Health Testing

The Newfoundland Club of America considers it necessary to test all breeding stock for the following health clearances - hips (x-ray), elbows (x-ray), heart (cardiologist) and cystinuria (DNA or parentage).The NCA also strongly recommends testing, where indicated, thyroid, eyes and patellas. Documentation should be available of clearance, test results or open registry participation for the sire and dam of the puppies. Please be sure to discuss the status of these tests with your responsible breeder. All prospective buyers are encouraged to utilize this information in their inquiries.

Open Health Registries

The NCA endorses and encourages the use of the open registry conducted by The Institute for Genetic Disease Control in Animals (GDC) at now merged (except for the Eye and Tumor registries) with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). These open registries are information sources for current and prospective Newfoundland owners and breeders seeking health data on specific dogs.

DNA submission to DNA repository/DNA bank

The NCA strongly encourages all Newfoundland owners to submit samples to the DNA repository for DNA banking in support of future research studies.
We also recognize the importance of updating a dog’s record if the dog has had any significant changes in health. This follow up is crucial for researchers looking to study specific disease.